Wedding Time!/ Nanna “Gets low”

Occasionally in life you’ll be on the receiving end of an inarguable point, the sort of point that causes a momentary brain short circuit, makes you say “ummmmm…” for a while and then concede that yes, Bryan Cranston was in Saving Private Ryan, or so says IMDB. Very occasionally for me, as I of course am always right. I bore this blunt trauma whilst thinking … Continue reading Wedding Time!/ Nanna “Gets low”

#Healthlife by my bunny

“Put the rabbit on the balcony before you lift” is something I have to tell myself four times a week. As mantras go, I believe it’s a far more profound and actionable insight into the human condition than “Life isn’t about waiting for storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” or other such saccharine sentiment clogging up my Instagram and decorative pillows. … Continue reading #Healthlife by my bunny