Predictions for 2016/ Everyone gets fat

The future. Immense and unknowable. Truly, who can predict what is is to come? Me. I can.   By this point, all New Year’s resolutions will have failed. Gun control is tentatively introduced in America following the tragic death of Grumpy Cat, who was caught in cross fire whilst touring an elementary school. Facebook users around the world add a Grumpy Cat filter to their Facebook profile pics … Continue reading Predictions for 2016/ Everyone gets fat

Rock on/ David Guetta is a jerk

“Do I frighten you?” “No…” “Do you want me to?” And that’s what love was, in the time… of rock . A time when men were men. Long of hair, tight of pants, they’d stand shirtless back-to-back and wail their guitars into the screaming night sky, calling the Devil and chicks in equal measure. Actually, it was probably more about the chicks looking back at it. The above quote … Continue reading Rock on/ David Guetta is a jerk

Follow the shorty/ Filipino

“In his book, Blink, author Malcolm Gladwell highlights a curious statistic of corporate leadership: ‘In the US population’ he writes, ‘about 14.5 percent of all men are six feet or taller. Among CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, that number is 58 percent. What’s dispiriting beyond the fact that a clear minority at a certain level become a significant majority, is that in no roles in … Continue reading Follow the shorty/ Filipino

90’s Kid/ Old man yells at cloud

  “They don’t make ’em like they used to: racist.” “Back in the good ol’ days… polio.” “When I was your age… wolves ate grandma.” It’s dangerous to play the nostalgia game as every single era has its share of terrible, terrible awfulness. It’s generally best to avoid claiming  ‘Your day’ was in any way superior to today. For most people, today is the best time to be … Continue reading 90’s Kid/ Old man yells at cloud