Lockout Laws/ Great herds of Emo.

Several times a year, everyone on Facebook will invite you to share in a common cause sweeping the community. Sometimes it’s for fun, usually it’s an invitation to share in some sort of outrage. Facebookers love to include you in their outrages; Vegetarianism, Carnivorous-ness, gun rights for toddlers, man-spreading, men, zap your termites, save the termites, release the hounds, the current government #boo! etc. with the clear tone … Continue reading Lockout Laws/ Great herds of Emo.

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My office blanket fort/ “Faux pas”

“Blaceblook”, a company by “Blark Bluckerblerg” is an incredibly creative pseudonym I’ve bestowed on a certain social networking company. Because I have to go to their office three or four times a year for work-related snacks and drinks and product training, I want to avoid causing offence. They’re a great business partner, they provide quality service, they have great duck pancakes. I could be talking … Continue reading My office blanket fort/ “Faux pas”

No Internet/Netflix or chill

What a wasteland the world is without internet. Colours, seem more vibrant. Birds, sound more songful. I watched the sunrise from my balcony this morning without an Instagram filter. It was fuckin’ gross. #yuck. The internet has been off at my apartment for the past two weeks because of “flood damage” to the local exchange, like I live in Manila or something, so I’m having … Continue reading No Internet/Netflix or chill