#Healthlife by my bunny

“Put the rabbit on the balcony before you lift” is something I have to tell myself four times a week. As mantras go, I believe it’s a far more profound and actionable insight into the human condition than “Life isn’t about waiting for storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” or other such saccharine sentiment clogging up my Instagram and decorative pillows. … Continue reading #Healthlife by my bunny

Becoming an urbane jerk/ fat-shaming my bunny rabbit

  “Plans this weekend?” Booooooooo, Wendy! Boooooo! 😦 Making ‘plans.’ Doing ‘stuff.’ Just ‘getting out there!’ and ‘living-life-laugh-crying-emoji!!!’ Are all things I’d mostly prefer to really not if it’s an option. I already have to do ‘stuff’ all week, like wear pants outside of the house because I have job. Like a grownup. My weekends are for nothing. Really, really dedicated nothing. Professional-level nothing. I’ve spent so much money on video … Continue reading Becoming an urbane jerk/ fat-shaming my bunny rabbit